Benoit Lapray is a french photographer and creative retoucher. 

Born in Burgundy in 1980, Benoit Lapray traveled to a young age, who was a humanitarian doctor. These trips led to a real infatuation for landscape aesthetics, the detailed mountain and nature ...

After studying art, journalism and photography in Lyon (France) he was moved to Haute-Savoie in 2006 where he worked as a photographer, as well as retouching photographs in an advertising photography studio near Annecy.

Haute-Savoie was a terrific "playing field for photography" and was at the start of the show, including the sublime mountain scenery surrounding him everyday.

After 5 years spent in Haute-Savoie, he decided to find a job in Lyon where he found a similar job in a young advertising studio.

At the start of 2014, he is going to try his luck in Paris.

He currently works as a freelance photographer in the field of commercial photography, and works as a photographer and retouching.