Jacob is a self-taught photographer, art director, and graphic designer based in Wellington, New Zealand. He studied Visual Communication Design at Massey University, Wellington.

Jacob's work is inspired by the natural world around him, particularly his native New Zealand. His first major photographic inspiration came from New Zealand ‘gothic’ films that portrayed a darker side of the usually pristine and ever dominant New Zealand environment. This sense of isolation, silence, and unease within the landscape has translated into Jacob’s work. 

“These minimalist scenes with neutral colours, sometimes extinct in low-light, exhale a sacred nature where man is a mere figurehead” – Fisheye Magazine

Jacob carefully pieces his images together to create one single narrative. He says: “I have a simple, yet considered approach to photography. I find images/facts and sequence them to tell a story about the world around me. I like the interplay between images and how they give each other more meaning.”

“In some way, Jacob’s images are rather unsettling. They aren’t just landscapes. They are something more. They show great nature, but also reflect upon man’s footprint that grows inexorably ever greater. Whether this is of grave concern - or whether it is just an unnatural but natural evolution – is up to you” – Kontent