mo·men·tum mōˈmen(t)om  [noun]  the strength or force that allows something to continue or grow stronger or faster as time passes.


Founded in 2017 by Vincent Milner, Momentum is a contemporary fine art gallery dealing exclusively in fine art photography. Based in Miami Florida the gallery represents mid-career and emerging fine art photographers from around the globe. Momentum curates and produces exhibitions in both galleries and international art fairs. 

With a growing list of international artists representing several continents, these artists embody a vast and varied range of contemporary styles of photography, engaging the genres of cinematic narrative, landscape, documentary, and portraiture while drawing from conceptual themes and abstraction.  Their respective work explores contemporary expressions of photography as an artistic technique.


"Something happens; It's a fleeting part of a second. It's up the photographer to capture that on film. Because once it's gone, it's like a dying day. It will never come back- Weegee


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