Ole Marius Joergensen , 2019

Publisher: New heroes and pioneers .

ISBN: 9789187815461

Dimensions: 170x230mm

Pages: 80

No superhero is a series of work by the acclaimed Scandinavian artist, Ole Marius Jorgensen. The work features meticulously staged, cinematic photographs that depict seemingly ordinary situations which are then infused with a juxtaposed narrative. This unlocks an unexpected and unique world that feels both old and new.


le Marius Jorgensen (born 1976) is an artist with a background in film based in Asker, Norway. He is best known for his meticulously staged cinematic photographs. With the use of theatrical light and vivid color juxtapositions, Ole Marius’ work emphasizes the mystery and duality of rural life in the modern world



Full of mystique and intrigue and set in the artist’s native, rural Scandinavia, this series of images follows the protagonist on a silent, solitary journey that emphasises complex emotions. From the playful, to the dark, to the eccentric, each scene is depicted through a lens that captures childhood nostalgia with the hero as an ordinary man.


The viewer can take a lot away from the images created by Joergensen. Not only can we appreciate the beauty in the landscape and subjects captured in this photography, but also the darker and more intriguing undertones.


The photographer views Superman as a metaphor for taking risks all the while conflicted with the potentially impending failure. This offers a sense of tension to the work that can be palpable to the viewers of this collection.


hardcover – 80 pages – matte paper
170x230mm – 1.2 kg – english
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Publish date September 2nd 2019