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Shinji Ichikawa Japan


Shinji Ichikawa is a self-taught photographer based in Izumo city, Shimane Prefecture Japan where he runs his own photography studio.  

As a child Shinji’s home was also a photography studio, and he grew up from a very young age in an environment surrounded by photography. His first camera was his grandfather’s Mamiya Flex which he carried everywhere with him.

A graduate of Tokyo Visual Arts, he first spent two years as an assistant in a commercial photography studio, after which he went on to work as a photographer's assistant.

Since then he has continued to produce his own works through self-reflection and self-contemplation. His work, which is solely shot in color, reflects his interests in expressing the contradictions of society, and the direction we as humans are taking in this curious world.

“My interest is search for essence of existence or things and an attempt to discover the essence of that “something” so different from the everyday life. It is also a way of stimulating and provoking new perspectives in those who view it”

Inspired by subjective art photograph, surrealist artists René Magritte and Giorgio de Chirico and is directly influenced by the work of Japanese Photographer Shoji Ueda.  Like Ueda, Shinji captures the surreal world that humans inhabit, and like Ueda he is inspired by the landscapes of southwest Japan.


Amongst the various prizes he has won for his work, Shinji was awarded the Best of Show at the 2011 International Photography Awards, and also won the New Talent of the Year Award at the Moscow International Foto Awards in 2014. His work has also been featured in Dodho Magazine.