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Momentum Fine Art will exhibit the work of artist Reka Nyari at this years Photo Independent Art Fair in Los Angeles from April 29th-May 1st.

Photo Independent is an annual photography art fair held in Hollywood, California, which made its debut in 2014. As the first photographer-only art fair showcasing fine art photographers, Photo Independent provides a unique forum of exchange between photographers and art professionals through exhibitions and specialized programs.

The exhibition will feature work from her Geisha ink series. 

Geisha Ink, inspired by conceptualizing traditional Geisha images with Yakuski (Japanese gangster) tattoos (Irezumju), is shot in black and white, and depicts a woman whose body is covered in tattoos. Each tattoo is created by a past friend or lover and reflects a period in her past, allowing the images to form a contemporary history of her life, one defined and controlled by her.  Sexy, edgy, and resilient, Reka’s narratives depict women whose sexuality defined independent of the male.