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Mária Švarbová Slovakia



Mária Švarbová is a self-taught photographer and art director based in Bratislava Slovakia. With degrees in art conservation, restoration and archeology Maria found her self instead drawn to the medium of Photography.

Mária’s early work, which was published under the name Aria Baro, focused on surrealist portraiture and with strong Art Nouveau themes, and was a reflection on her background and interest in past periods of art. In 2013 Mária transitioned to more ethereal themes and works such as  “ “Forgotten” & “God’s Mirror”  (2013) reflect a desire to create a dreamlike narrative of individuals lost within a greater force.

In “Plastic World” (2014) and other most recent works she takes a distinctive approach to aesthetic minimalism and purity. Inspired by the historic artifacts and environments of Communist Czechoslovakia Mária presents an imaginary dehumanized world that features every day situations. Situations that illuminate a fictional world that is inhabited by emotionless individuals who seem to be simply going through the motions—emotionless and static in the roles they assume.

Using a limited subdued palette of colors, the focus is on the narrative. Each frame within the series is meticulous arranged and the models are carefully chosen to reflect the mood and sensation that she is looking for.

Both complex and evocative Mária’s work challenges the roles that humans play in society and ask the viewer to reflect on their own individual role in society.

Mária Švarbová has collaborated with a number of prestigious international fashion and photography magazines such as – Vogue, DODHO and FotoVideo. She has also been the laureate of several photography awards, including the gold medal for excellence at the Trierenberg Super Circuit photography fair in Austria . Maria recently exhibited her work to critical acclaim at Photo LA in Los Angeles.