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Michael Hitoshi Japan


Michael Hitoshi, globally recognized photographer, is best known for his “twilight” series, which captures the transition between unpolarized to artificial lighting.


Born in Japan, 1967, Hitoshi graduates from the College of Arts and Architecture in Tokyo.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1992, he then furthers his studies in photography and quickly begins building a career as a commercial photographer as well as pursuing his sense of art.


Returning his base to Tokyo in 1996, Hitoshi achieves great success as a commercial and fashion photographer.

As Hitoshi spent busy days flying around the globe on various photo shoots, he encounters a “twilight” on board an aircraft from Nice to Paris. “Twilight” before sunrise, Hitoshi looks out the window to discover a heart pounding harmony of natural light gloaming from the sunrise and light flowing out of artificial structures. Engaging in a shoot directly over this perfect scene is indeed a battle with terror and technique and not the least, time consuming. This moment inspired Hitoshi to grow out of a follower and become a reformer.


Ever since, Hitoshi held great passion towards exhibiting fine arts rather than commercial photography.


His works have been the recipient of numerous awards globally, including Most Valuable Prize for Nature department in 2012 at PX3 in Paris, and nominated as Hasselblad’s Masters Finalist in 2013.


Beginning in 2009, the “twilight” series has been exhibited all around Japan, including a solo-exhibit at Hasselblad Gallery Japan in 2013, and continues presentation at Major Art Fairs across the globe.

Hitoshi’s latest publication them is “LINE”. Graphically representing the cubical skyscrapers simply by their horizons and vertical “lines”, Hitoshi expresses the city of Tokyo with peculiarity.